Become the Lion

“Train until the lamb becomes a lion.”

What a powerful phrase!

How often do we become complacent in training not only on our bodies but our minds as well? I for one am guilty of this unforgivable act of treason on oneself.

We begin as the lamb, fully aware of our weaknesses as we throw ourselves into an intensive training regimen only to burn out shortly after beginning.

We hold ourselves to such a high standard and try to mimic those that we idolize. The wrong in this is that we are not those individuals that we admire. We see them now, we see them as the lion, not the lamb they once were. Therefore it is our best interest to thoroughly examine ourselves as lambs before we view ourselves as lions.

Acknowledge what your mind and body is capable of in its current state then develop a plan that will allow you to continue progressing forward until you can become the lion.


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